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Firebind Reflector Privacy Policy

Copyright 2013-2014 (c) by Firebind Inc.

Firebind Reflector does not transmit any information about scans performed using Reflector and Firebind Inc. has no access to any information with regards to scans performed using Firebind Reflector.

Trial Version:

If Firebind Reflector is enabled using a trial license key, Firebind Reflector must be able to contact one of several public network time servers to validate date information and as such those servers may track information about your machine such as IP address, browser type, etc.

Additionally, Firebind Reflector enabled with a trial license key will communicate with Google Analytics each time Firebind Reflector is started to provide basic information such as Firebind Reflector start time, Reflector IP address and trial license information as well as other basic Google Analytics data points.

Purchased Version:

If Firebind Reflector is enabled using a purchased license key, Firebind Reflector will not communicate with Google Analytics.